Hilarie Burton to portray Negan’s wife Lucille


In a new post on Twitter, Hilarie Burton Morgan confirms that she will be joining her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan in one of the additional episodes of The Walking Dead, where she will play the role of Negan’s late wife Lucille.

This is most likely an episode that will take place in flashbacks or through a dream sequence, but it could be the bulk of a Negan origin story that we can get on The Walking Dead and fans are sure to jump for joy. for having it.

Hilarie Burton Morgan, known for White Collar and a host of other roles, has already been part of the AMC family for quite some time. She and her husband (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) hosted a video chat series titled Friday Night in With the Morgans, and many of the guests already had some affiliation with the franchise.

This will be a good chance for her to take on a complicated role, as Lucille’s health battle (at least in the comics) greatly influenced a good chunk of who Negan was. We’ll have to wait and see what that means for The Walking Dead universe.

Hilarie Burton’s tweet confirming the news

“It was quite difficult to keep this a secret.”

These additional episodes of The Walking Dead are scheduled to air in 2021, with the goal of helping bridge the gap between where we were during season 10 so far and the final season in the future.

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Many of these episodes will be filmed with heavy pandemic restrictions, which means that they will likely be on a smaller scale and a bit more personal than some of the big battles we saw with the Whisperers. We agree with this, as The Walking Dead often shines with its character-based stories.


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