Hilaria Baldwin’s Fake Accent After Princess Diana’s Necklace? Twitteratis Targeted Kim Kardashian Because of Her Unusual Auction Win


After trolling for Marilyn Monroe’s dress, Kim Kardashian was trolled for buying jewelry worn by Princess Diana. The socialite rightfully had a reality show based on the Kardashians’ life, given the luxurious life they live. The clan owns almost everything that money can buy. They try to maintain this image.

The owner of SKIMS recently made news about the purchase of a long pendant called Attallah Cross, which Princess Diana has worn several times. But it did not belong to the Royal. It was lent by the Persian jewelry collector Naim Attallah. Although the design is quite unique, the socialite bought it for $197,000, which is twice the initial price at auction. Now Twitter is trolling her, comparing her to Hilaria Baldwin’s fake accent.

Twitter Trolls Kim Kardashian with Funny Comparison to Hilaria Baldwin’s Controversial Accent

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves to collect luxury items. But her recent actions have made her the center of all trolls. According to Gmail, the socialite was trolled for buying a necklace worn by Princess Diana. Since the socialite has done some drastic things for trends, tweeters are trolling her with memes that start with the words “Kim Kardashian bought.” and adding funny examples to them. One of the comments said that Kim Kardashian bought Hilaria Baldwin’s accent for $97,600.

Alec Baldwin’s second wife had her own controversy when she reportedly lied about her Spanish ancestry. Her classmates later called it, saying that she actually grew up in Massachusetts. She later apologized for not being clear enough about all of this. Commenters also created memes, citing examples of Rory Gilmore, Nicki Minaj, Darth Vader, Rainria Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs.

Kim Kardashian won a pendant at Sotheby’s for $197,000. The cross necklace called Attallah Cross is made of amethyst crystals and round-cut diamonds. She was previously trolled for wearing a Marilyn Monroe dress at the MET Gala. Monroe wore it when she sang a song in honor of the birthday of former President John F. Kennedy. As for the amethyst necklace, it will be seen whether the fashion mogul is wearing it at any time or not.

What do you think of memes comparing her accent to Hilaria Baldwin? Comment on your thoughts.


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