Higuaín’s contract was for Luis Suárez


A few days ago Gonzalo Higuaín signed the juiciest contract in the history of MLS, but today it transpired that this place at Inter Miami was originally for Luis Suárez and that it included a greater amount than what “El Pipita” received.

As reported by ESPN, the club of which ex-footballer David Beckham is co-owner offered the “Gunman” a contract for 4 seasons and $ 11.7 million per year, that is, one 25% higher than the one signed by the former Juventus attacker. However, the Uruguayan was not interested in the deal and the Argentine took advantage of it.

The refusal is due to the fact that Luis Suárez, 33, considers that he still has enough level to stay in Europe and seek revenge in another club after his imminent departure from Barcelona.

While everything seems to indicate that Suárez will move to Atlético de Madrid, Higuaín came out and accepted the juicy offer from the team where Blaise Matuidi and Mexican Rodolfo Pizarro are active.

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