Highlights Three Major Problems in Bitcoin Cash


Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com and a Bitcoin Cash advocate, recently made the opening speech of the third Bitcoin Cash anniversary, calling here for further collaboration in the community; He stressed the importance of both business and software developers.

He also talked about some key issues in the network, such as the chain transaction limit increased from 25 to 50 in May, and the irreversibility of unapproved transitions:

“The main things I see as a problem in the Bitcoin Cash network are: 50 unapproved transaction chain limits. Let’s get rid of this; Let’s make the unapproved transactions as irreversible as possible with the most appropriate consensus method for this. ”

In his speech, Ver also included the dominant hostility between business developers and software developers in the Bitcoin community.

Without interacting with business developers, a product will not be user friendly enough.

“Let’s get business developers to talk to software developers about what kind of things users or businesses really want.”

The mainstream adoption, which is the section where Bitcoin performs poorly, remains the main selling point of Bitcoin Cash, so there is a serious need for the products that people really want to use.

Bitcoin Independence Day

The two-year Bitcoin civil war, which started with the scaling debate, effectively ended on August 1 with the launch of the Bitcoin Cash hard fork for those who were dissatisfied with the user-activated soft fork (UASF) activated by SegWit.

Some prominent Bitcoin maximalists – like Blockstream CEO Adam Back, who is said to be Satoshi Nakamoto himself, celebrate the fork’s anniversary as BTC’s Independence Day.

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Meanwhile, Ver thinks of Back’s likes as the practice of lynching culture in the cryptocurrency community.

In a recently released podcast with Morgan Pompliano from Morgan Creek Digital, Ver announced that he had kept half of his assets in Bitcoin after converting most of his stock to BCH.


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