Highlights from the drama, cast, synopsis and more

Fans were very excited to learn that In The Dark was renewed for a highly anticipated third season in January 2020, with filming scheduled to wrap up on April 2, 2021, leaving many people wondering what the future of the series holds. series and if indeed, there will be In The Dark for a fourth season.

Likewise, The CW has been known to cancel shows from time to time, but it seems to have a pretty good track record in keeping its originals alive, mainly due to such a loyal fan base as is the case of In The Dark, which the series definitely has too.

Remember that the crime drama follows a young blind woman who tries to solve the murder of her friend. The Perry Mattfeld-starring show has been a hit on The CW, and many Netflix subscribers have enjoyed this intriguing title on the streaming service, so it’s understandable why some are curious as to whether or not there will be a season 4. .

Let’s not forget that recently The CW made big renovations and launched them online as if it were Oprah giving away cars the list of all the renovations that are coming in the future and among these they announced that the fourth season of In The Dark is officially happening.

For its part, The CW hasn’t given an official release date for season 4, but considering that the third season hasn’t yet aired, it could be a while before the next chapter arrives. It will probably arrive sometime in 2022.

In turn, the cast for season 4 of In The Dark, it is unknown who will form and will probably depend largely on what happens in the next iteration. Mattfeld will most likely return along with some of the other regulars.

On the flip side, we don’t have an official synopsis for In The Dark season four yet and it may be some time before plot details for the next installment come out. It will be interesting to see what happens in season 4, and fans definitely won’t want to miss a thing when the show returns.

For that reason there is also no trailer for In The Dark season 4, and fans certainly shouldn’t expect trailers to arrive until much closer to the release date. You can watch the first seasons of the show on the Netflix platform.



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