Highlander: Henry Cavill to Star in John Wick Director Reboot


Highlander: Henry Cavill will star in the Highlander reboot, chaired by John Wick director Chad Stahelski. So far, it has been reported that the actor will be one of the two protagonists, however, it has not been revealed whether he will play an unprecedented character in the franchise or the immortal warrior Connor MacLeod – played by Christopher Lambert in the classic 1986 film.

The news was confirmed by Cavill through a post on his Instagram. “I’ve been a fan of Highlander since I was a kid. Being familiar with the use of swords and having a director as talented as Chad Stahelski at the helm will be an opportunity like no other. The franchise’s mythology will be deepened to deliver an unforgettable adventure for both me and the public ”.

The franchise started in theaters had immortality as its main theme and was marked by its soundtrack, with Queen’s well-known songs, and by the iconic phrase “there can only be one” (there can be only one). Such public and critical success yielded several sequences in live-action format and animations on big screens and TV, in addition to books, comics and games.

Franchise that should live forever

The original plot followed the story of a Scotsman in the 16th century, “killed” during a battle. After “resurrecting” and with the help of his mentor Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez – played by the late Sean Connery – he discovers that he is part of a race of individuals with the power to live forever (unless they have their heads cut off) .

With this premise, MacLeod goes through many experiences over time, a journey in which he also faces several threats. The reboot has yet to reveal details of the plot, but promises to expand the original mythology and win over new fans. After the disclosure of Cavill’s participation in the film, the artist BossLogic created a poster imagining a visual for the protagonist. Check out!

“I’ve been a huge fan of the original film since I saw it while I was in high school. This mythology involves great themes, such as immortality, love and identity. I can’t think of a better property than this to have the opportunity to create interesting characters, mythical themes and action scenarios, ”said Stahelski in a previous interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Highlander will be developed by Lionsgate Studio, with script by Kerry Williamson (Side Effect) and will feature well-known names in the production industry, such as Neal H. Moritz (Fast and Furious franchise) and David Leitch (Deadpool 2). So far, the start dates for the recordings and the premiere have not been set.


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