Highest Earning Crypto Coins of the Week


This week of our “Most Earning Crypto Money of the Week” series, which we prepared among the top 25 crypto currencies in terms of market value, the crypto currency OMG Network (OMG) made the investors laugh the most. The crypto money, which ranks 24th in terms of market value, took the lead with a significant increase of 174.26% this week.

The second cryptocurrency that gained the most value of the week was Cosmos (ATOM), which ranked 17th with its market value. The crypto money, which experienced a 24.08% increase in value, made its investors laugh by performing well despite the loss of many altcoins this week.

Third place is NEO, which ranks 19th by market value. NEO managed to be in the top three among the top earners with a 19.44% increase in value.

The leading crypto asset Bitcoin (BTC), on the other hand, has had quite active days this week. As of writing, BTC, which has been traded at $ 11,632, has lost 1.49% this week. Due to the sudden ups and downs in Bitcoin, many altcoins turned red. As you know, no matter what direction the sudden movements in Bitcoin take, the altcoin market is highly affected.

Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin and the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value, could not continue its rise for weeks and lost 8.22% this week, becoming one of the crypto currencies that upset its investors.

The biggest loser of this week is Chainlink (LINK), which has performed well in the last three weeks and ranked number 1 on our list. LINK, which ended the rise for weeks, lost 21.22% this week, dropping to the level of $ 14.94 as of writing. LINK had risen to the $ 20 level recently.

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Ripple (XRP), which has been waiting for its investors for a long time, did not perform well this week, falling 4.93%. XRP is trading at $ 0.282 as of writing.

Privacy coins, the shining stars of recent times, also closed this week with a depreciation like the majority of the market. The consolidation of Bitcoin over its current price level for a while will help other cryptocurrencies to gain value. In short, the price trend of Bitcoin will be decisive for the market.

You can examine the weekly changes of the crypto coins in the top 25 in terms of market value in detail in the table below.


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