High-speed train and Brian Tyree Henry cheerfully recall how they were distracted by Brad Pitt, a beautiful and blonde during filming


ATTENTION, SPOILER: Not so fast! This article contains the main spoilers for the movie “Bullet Train”. If you haven’t seen the movie, proceed with caution!

Full of obscene British audacity and creative violence that can rival one of Guy Ritchie’s action movies, “Bullet Train” apparently has plenty of potential distraction points for those who worked on the film. As for one of the stars of Brian Tyree Henry’s film, it was his co-star Brad Pitt who was the source of the hilarious distraction, and it wasn’t the skirt he was wearing at the premiere of the bullet train. Obviously, Pitt’s sandy locks were the source of some miracle for the actors of the bullet train, and I fully understand that.

Although you might not expect Brad Pitt’s hair to become such a source of distraction just by looking at it in the awesome trailer for the movie, where for most it is casually hidden under a bucket hat, but this long mop of hair becomes the subject of serious action in the movie. High-speed train. There’s one scene in particular where the golden threads attached to the A-Listers’ head outshone everyone, and I’m totally talking about that slow-motion train wreck scene.

I may have admittedly drooled a bit watching Brad Pitt fly through the air in slow motion, but obviously Brian Tyree Henry had a hard time restraining himself while filming this scene, too. In an exclusive interview with Comic Book, Henry explains that after seeing such perfect hair of Pitt in the crash scene, he almost wanted to punch the actor in the face. Here, in his own words:

It’s really, let me tell you something that’s incredibly distracting, it’s Brad Pitt’s hair, it’s really, it’s very annoying. For example, in the very last part of the movie, where we are together in a train carriage, and you know, Aaron’s character broke the glass, we have to drive at 200-something miles per hour, and there is this fan, which is just perfect. a place for Brad Pitt, and so I literally forgot some of my lines because I’m so busy getting lost in that blond, beautiful wheat hair. And it’s like he controls his hair so well that he knew exactly when to whip it, and that just made me want to hit him in the face again, so Brad Pitt’s hair is distracting, like he just knows that this is another character in the movie. but this, this is precious.

It looks like Brian Tyree Henry has a real love/hate for Brad Pitt’s hair. To be honest, it probably helped him get into the role even more, because that’s the relationship his character has with Pitt’s Ladybug. The two go back and forth with each other, having a friendly enemy-type relationship, which is interesting enough in the sense in which Henry talks about his feelings about Pitt’s long locks.

Brad Pitt’s hair was 100% due to get its credits. Sandcastles must have been written into the script, at least because they changed frequently from scene to scene and were a worthy part of Pitt’s personality throughout the film. There’s a scene where he pulls his hair back to really, purposefully get into the action, and the visual change from his bucket hat to Pitt in full combat mode is certainly disarming.

However, Brain’s character Tyree Henry was not without his own charm. His obsession with Thomas the Steam Train and the reaction it elicited from other characters was equal to, if not superior to, Brad Pitt’s luxurious mop of hair.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and it all sounds a little strange to you, I completely understand you. Bullet Train is a strange mix of characters with action and humor, to which critics seem to have mixed feelings, and we have to say that it is a very chaotic entertainment. Bullet Train is unlike any of its new 2022 movies, and you can watch it and Brad Pitt’s distracting hairstyle right now in theaters.


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