High precision navigation algorithm from Oppo


Oppo, one of the companies that come to mind when it comes to price / performance, continues to develop its own technologies and provide more professional service to its users. Oppo will provide professional location detection thanks to the navigation algorithm it has developed.

Oppo is on the agenda with its new navigation algorithm

One of the issues that many users complain about on mobile devices is undoubtedly navigation systems. Many companies are subject to criticism because of the high margin of error and lagging behind in user experience.

Oppo yeni navigasyon algoritması ile gündemde

Although companies have done various studies on this subject, we have not yet encountered a development that will please the end user. However, Oppo claims that it will solve this issue with its newly developed navigation system.

Stating that the developed system will work with 1 meter error margin, the authorities announced that they are working on ground-based verification with China Mobile. The system, which will use 5G base stations efficiently for almost perfect location detection, will work with RTK (Real Time Kinematics) technology.

RTK-based systems are frequently used in UAV, agriculture, and other areas where precise location detection is required. RTK technology, which provides precise location determination by using GPS, base stations, accelerometer, gyroscope and even phone antennas, can also prevent interference that makes location determination difficult.

It is not yet clear how the technology, which will be put into service in China in 2021, will be implemented in other countries.

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