High Cut Black Bodysuit ve Heels’te Kim Kardashian!


Kim Kardashian has just posted a series of photos on her Skims account. She reveals herself sexy in a high-cut body and high heels!

Kim Kardashian just posted a new photo on Instagram. But not on his account, on the account of his new clothing brand Skims. She reveals herself ultra sexy in a mega high-cut body and ultra high heels!

A few months ago now, Kim Kardashian released her new clothing / lingerie brand. Indeed, the young woman regretted the fact that we do not find comfortable and somewhat aesthetic underwear. Especially since young women never found the right color for their skin.

Kim Kardashian has therefore decided to release a whole range from the shaping jumpsuit to the bra. And this is suitable for all body types and for all skin tones.

Despite the fact that her products sell like hot cakes, Kim Kardashian gives everything when it comes to selling her products. The young woman therefore decided to become the face of her brand for a few photos.


She has just posted a series of pictures on the Instagram account of her brand Skims. Kim Kardashian poses from every angle. And the least we can say is that this campaign is very original. It looks like it came straight out of a catalog from the 1990s.

Kim Kardashian poses in an ultra low cut black bodysuit with high heels. In another photo, she has a high ponytail and neon pink thigh-high boots!

A canon campaign that risks occupying him. And for good reason, the young woman would have started divorce proceedings with her husband Kanye West after his various escapades, especially during his campaign for the presidential election. The couple have yet to confirm anything but it would be true.

According to the latest information, the rapper would have cheated on the young woman with the blogger specializing in makeup, Jeffree Star!


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