Hidetaka Miyazaki (Elden Ring) Shares The Meaning Of Death In His Games


Hidetaka Miyazaki: The director of Elden Ring, Hidetaka MIyazaki, reveals what is the meaning of death in his games and what creative method he follows when working. The release of Elden Ring has marked another success for From Software and Hidetaka Miyazaki. The Japanese creative is sweet. Since Demon’s Souls, the “you’re dead” sign has become one of the go-to images for the community. Dying has various meanings within the game, and Miyazaki uses it in a different way than we are used to in real life.

What is death to the creator of the Elden Ring?

In conversation with The New Yorker, Miyazaki explains that death in the video game is an opportunity to create a memory that marks your adventure. “When I play these games I think ‘this is the way I would like to die; in an interesting or funny way, or create a story that I can share,” he explains. “Death and rebirth, trying and overcoming… We want the loop to be enjoyable. In life, death is a terrible thing. During the game, it can be anything else.”

Miyazaki acknowledges that he dies “many times”, so he applies experience to enrich what players will perceive: “In my work I seek to answer the question: ‘if death is more than proof of failure, how give it meaning? How can I make death enjoyable?

Questions about difficulty always fly over any interview he stars in. But Miyazaki is concrete and takes refuge in the challenge as an element that must prevail in his work. “We always seek to improve, but in our games suffering gives meaning to the experience. It is our identity.”

And what does his family think of all his work? “I don’t want my family to play my games because I feel like they can see a bad part of me, something almost unpleasant,” he says. His involvement in the development is so great that he feels that he adds too many personal elements to them. Therefore, he is clear: “no Dark Souls at home”.

He recalls that Elden Ring is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. You are playing? In our guide we tell you all the keys to overcome obstacles.