Hideo Kojima’s next game will be announced ‘very soon’


Kojima Productions has been quiet since the release of Death Stranding, but possibly we will have information about a new game from Hideo Kojima’s studio soon. According to art director Yoji Shinkawa, the company’s next major project will be revealed “very soon.”

Recently, Shinkawa gave an interview to YouTube channel Al Hub to talk about his career and commented on the future of Kojima Productions. The art director said he still cannot speak about the project he is working on, but the news “will be announced very soon”.

Kojima Productions has not yet provided details about the project, but has already hinted that he is working on something new. The company has been hiring employees since October 2020 for its next production.

Hideo Kojima has also given some clues about the theme of his next game. After the arrival of Death Stranding, the developer made publications indicating that he intends to create a revolutionary horror game.

Death Stranding 2?

In addition to the clues about a horror game, Hideo Kojima has already commented that he thinks about making a sequel to Death Stranding. In March 2020, actor Norman Reedus also said that he may appear on yet another Kojima Productions project in the future.

The rumors about Kojima Productions do not stop there. In addition to supposedly working on a new game, the company would be creating an enhanced version of Death Stranding for PS5, which is expected to be revealed in the near future.

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