Hideo Kojima stings 10 bees without a developer


The creative behind Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding recalls his beginnings as a gardener, at which point the accident occurred.

Every story has a beginning, some beginnings, a chapter that gives way to the next. Hideo Kojima, one of the most reputable creatives in the industry, was not always a video game developer. In a series of questions and answers with fans, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding has recalled anecdotes from the past and events that happened long ago. The Japanese artist says that in his time he worked as a gardener, a job from which he learned numerous lessons, but from which he left with at least 10 bee stings on his skin.

“What I remember is working as a part-time gardener during the long spring, summer and winter vacations at university,” he posted on the official Kojima Productions Twitter account. “It was physically hard work, but I took a lot of valuable experiences with me. I learned not only how to plant, but also how to design a garden, where to place bamboo, how to organize rocks … things you would never know if you had not practiced this kind of craft. Also, once I was stung by at least 10 bees at the same time, and on another occasion I was poisoned, “he continues.

From Konami to Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima further underlines that these professional experiences helped him learn the ins and outs of courtesy and dealing with clients, tools that he has used throughout his professional career. A career that has been mainly developed at Konami, until the expiration of his contract in late 2015. Since then, he established Kojima Productions as an independent studio, whose first project has been Death Stranding.

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