Hideo Kojima podcast “Brain Structure” may be perfect for the Overdose project


Hideo Kojima has worked in the gaming industry for decades, and his legacy will outlive him many times over. Despite the fact that he has a lot of classic works behind him, he is not going to slow down, and his studio Kojima Productions has several projects, including an upcoming Xbox game. Although little is known about this game yet, it has intrigued the gaming world, as Kojima announced that the game will use Microsoft cloud technologies.

According to journalist and industry insider Tom Henderson, the project, which is currently being developed at Kojima Productions, is a horror game called Overdose. If this is something like Kojima’s previous games, then it will be a mysterious game that deftly undermines expectations. With his boundless imagination, Kojima’s games can sometimes confuse a huge number of gamers. However, he could avoid this problem in the future by using his new podcast Brain Structure.

What is the structure of the brain?

A few days before Gamescom 2022, many gamers believed that Kojima would appear and tell something about one of his future games. Kojima did appear, but did not present any games. Instead, he announced that a new podcast, Brain Structure, would be launched on Spotify this year. According to Kojima, the podcast will be dedicated to games, and guests from different regions will take part in it. The podcast will also feature industry news and an entertainment segment from Jeff Cayley, Kojima’s good friend.

This month, Kojima launched the first episode of Brain Structure, which discussed how fans inspired his new podcast and what the name of the podcast means. For anyone interested in Kojima and his eccentric ideas, this podcast should not be missed, since its long form allows the author to talk in detail about his creative process. The podcast is also the perfect place for Kojima to tell his fans about the overdose and what he’s going to do with the game.

How Brain Structure Can Help Overdose

When Death Stranding came out, it attracted the attention of the gaming world, but many gamers did not understand the game and its confusing plot. Kojima has explored many complex ideas in Death Stranding, and the game touches on themes of grief and isolation. However, when gamers have to deal with Timefall, Beached Things, Vog and all sorts of other strange phenomena, it can be difficult to understand exactly what the central message of the game is. Although Kojima fans are probably used to this mysterious style of storytelling, for many gamers it may have seemed too confusing.

Kojima could have avoided the overdose becoming a victim of the same problem with Brain Structure. Having his own podcast in which he can talk without interruption, Kojima can talk as much as he wants about the game, its central themes and any more complex plot elements. After listening to a podcast explaining the game, many more gamers may be more open to Kojima’s eccentric actions. However, while the podcast is incredibly useful, it should also not be abused, as ambiguity is an aspect of Kojima’s art that strengthens it, which can be destroyed if something is explained excessively.

Kojima’s sources of inspiration go far beyond games, including literature and cinema. Hence, it is likely that when Kojima discusses his inspiration in his podcast, the topics covered will not be limited to games. The podcast provides Kojima with a microphone that he can use to shed light on some of the most difficult-to-understand aspects of his games, including Kojima Productions’ upcoming project with Microsoft.


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