Hideo Kojima Didn’t Want Metal Gear To Be Such A Long Franchise


Hideo Kojima: Anyone watching the Metal Gear series these days realizes that it has a fair amount of titles, but what many may not know is that, initially, Hideo Kojima didn’t want things to go that way.

“Hideo didn’t want to make a series or franchise along the lines of Final Fantasy. So he ended up debating a lot with Konami because the studio believed it was ‘a hit’. That’s what businessmen say. Kojima, being an artist, wanted to make a different game. But he ended up being so successful that everyone wanted a sequel. It’s a difficult position to be in, because his work becomes someone’s game”, commented music producer Rika Muranaka in an interview with Game Developer.

Another detail mentioned in the chat is that, with the project gaining more visibility, Kojima managed to convince Konami to hire a famous composer to work on the game’s soundtracks – the initial idea was that Hans Zimmer, who worked on films like Interstellar and 007 No Time to Die, was the composer of Metal Gear Solid 2, but his value was too high for the budget obtained and the plans were changed.


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