Hideki Kamiya Is Angered By Speculation About Bayonetta 3


Hideki Kamiya: Many players were certainly looking forward to the presentation of something new regarding Bayonetta 3 during Nintendo Direct held last Tuesday (15), but unfortunately that didn’t happen. At this point, many will be waiting for an update from Platinum Games’ side and are speculating about the project’s progress, but it seems that this situation is not making Hideki Kamiya, director of the title, very happy.

“I get a lot of messages from people who say ‘run up and share something about the game’ or ‘show us something’, but nonsense things like ‘development has stopped?’ or ‘I think the game will be delayed’ are nothing but annoyances, delusions and waste of public time,” says a message translated by the Kotaku website team and which is on the director’s Twitter profile.

Upon checking the responses given to some people who commented on this tweet, he reiterated again that the game’s development is going as planned, so it’s certainly only a matter of time before we get a chance to see something more concrete about the witch’s new adventure.

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