Hide your Instagram account from unwanted followers


We show you how to prevent other users from finding your Instagram account through your phone number

As is happening right now with the Facebook social network, Instagram is another alternative that is becoming an element of almost constant use for millions of users around the world, so sometimes we must be careful with the way in the one we use the platform.

In addition, many times we use Instagram to communicate with friends and contacts, at the same time, so that they can locate us more easily, we can add certain data to the account, but this is not always the case.

In fact, it may be the case that we do not want to be found through the account that we have created in this social network that we mention, either because we do not want them to see our publications or to prevent certain people from saving our photos for what we are going to see how to complicate our location on Instagram, once you have deleted all the information, they will only be able to follow you if you allow it yourself through the Instagram identification cards.

For this, what we are going to do is eliminate certain specific information that we have sometimes entered on the platform and that makes it easier for others to find us.

For example, in the first place we must eliminate the association that Instagram carries out with the other great social alternative of the same owner, Facebook, in fact at first we have the possibility of logging into Instagram with our Facebook account, so for those users of this, it will be much easier to find us.

Thus, to delete the Facebook account, first we access the Instagram mobile app and touch the icon of the own profile located in the lower right corner and access the “Settings”, where we find the section called “Privacy and security”, and click on «Linked accounts». There we will see a series of platforms to which we can have our Instagram account linked, so we can already eliminate Facebook, among others.

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At the same time, it is also advisable to delete our phone number from the social network, although for this we must also take into account that then we will not be able to have the two-factor authentication function active if we have the mobile phone associated, although we can do it through an account of mail.

Hide your identity on Instagram

Well, to remove the phone from this specific online service, click on the profile icon and select “Edit profile”, where at the bottom of the screen we find a section where you can see the mobile number, so we just have to erase it.

Another step that we can take in this same sense is related to the fact that the users from whom we are trying to hide ourselves will be able to locate us more easily if they are following an account similar to ours, so we will have to deactivate another function.

Say that this is something that we will have to carry out from the Instagram web application in the desktop browser, since we will not be able to disable this function on the mobile.

Once we have accessed the web version of Instagram, we click on the profile icon and then on the “Edit profile” button, where, at the bottom we see a box that we can uncheck that reads “Include your account when you recommend similar accounts that other people may be interested in following ”. From a user’s profile we can also do the opposite, prevent their publications or stories from being shown to us without having to block them, that is to say, silence a user’s publications on Instagram.


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