How to hide Instagram story?


It is possible to hide the stories we share on Instagram, which is the photo and video sharing application, to the people to whom we determine. If the method of stories shared on Instagram is followed correctly, it is not possible to be seen and understood by the people you choose.

How do I hide my story?
There are 3 ways to hide stories in your phone’s Instagram app.

The first and most basic method;
1-) Open the Instagram application on your phone.
2-) Enter the bottom-right corner profile on the main screen that opens.
3-) You will see the (≡) sign in the upper right corner. Click on the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the menu that slides to the left by clicking on that sign.
4-) Click the “Privacy” page from the page that opens.
5-) You will see the “Story” title on the page that opens. When you click on my story, the first title is “Hide Story”. If you are doing this for the first time, it says “0 people” there. When you click on that person, your friends list will open. Select the people you do not want to follow your story and mark the circle on the right side of the people. You will no longer say “There is no hiding in Instagram”.

Are there any person limitations?
You can mark as many as you want and hide your stories to any number of people. You can do this by scrolling down the page, or you can quickly select the person you want to hide by entering the name on the top search button. However, after choosing the people you want to hide your story about, you should press the back button (←) next to the “Hide Story” button on the application instead of the back button on your phone. If you press the back key from the phone, it will not save the process.

In the same way, when taking a photo in the story hiding process on Instagram, a round icon that looks like a wheel will be seen in the upper left corner. When you click on that icon, it will direct you to the “Story” settings section. You can hide your stories to the people you choose from the Hide story option in the same way as above. After sharing a story to the process of hiding story settings, open your story and you will see three vertical dots in the bottom right corner before your story closes. You can do the same thing by clicking the three dots and clicking the story settings.

Things to pay attention
It is the best way to hide the story without sharing your story. Also, whoever you choose to hide a reminder is hidden from those people. If you want people who hide your story to never see my story. Hiding the story from people close to the people you hide will keep your story more secret.


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