Hide Facebook notifications? Now it will be possible


Hide Facebook notifications? Now it will be possible. Some users already report having the new version for Android active.

Sometimes when entering Facebook we find notifications everywhere, even in those sections that we do not usually access frequently. And it is that the developers of the social network seek to draw your attention to the less used areas of the platform. How do they do that? Putting precisely those segments in the foreground or with notices of readings or pending reviews.

If the above happens to you regularly, you should know that the platform will soon allow you to customize the notification elements in the access bar and thus avoid distractions about functions that do not interest you.

At the top of the application you will usually find the start-up sections and the notifications that are the ones that users access most frequently. But they are also available for example Marketplace, a space that is useless for those who do not access that area.

The good news is that in the next Facebook updates with one click we can choose which elements will appear in the toolbar. If you only want the start and the pending notifications to read, it will be so.

Another novelty of the Mark Zuckerberg company will allow the cancellation of the red notification points. As always, updates are applied in parts. Some users already have the new version, which we hope will arrive soon for everyone.

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