Hidden Truth of Police Procedures and Series Location


CSI: Miami is one of the most popular police procedural dramas of the last two decades. With a stellar cast, intriguing storylines, and sharp writing, CSI: Miami has legions of fans of all ages.

CSI: Miami was developed as a direct spinoff from the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation program. While he was loyal to the show that inspired him in many ways, CSI: Miami had its own look and feel that instantly became popular with fans.

The series followed the exploits and cases of the Miami-Dade Florida Police Department’s Crime Scene Investigations unit from their personal lives to cases that shocked detectives.

From the beginning, CSI: Miami received rave reviews from critics and fans. Audiences praised the complex storylines and stylistic nuances of the police procedural drama, and the performance also received support.

While the show “falsified” some facts of the profession, CSI: Miami continued to rely heavily on real-life procedures and was even inspired by some real criminal cases.

However, when it comes to filming locations, fans will be surprised to learn that CSI: Miami was not actually filmed in Miami most of the time. In fact, while many of the show’s B-roll scenes (including distance shots, street views, and scenes with extras) were from prominent Miami locations and locations, most of the show was shot in Manhattan Beach, California.

Some viewers may have noticed the presence of mountains in the background of many outdoor scenes, revealing that those scenes have been compromised with cinema in California, as Miami is conspicuously made up of plains.

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CSI: Miami has been off the air for eight years, but fans are loyal to the series. In fact, there has recently been a resurgence of support for a revival of the series, with various outlets reporting that CBS is in talks to bring back not just CSI: Miami, but the entire CSI franchise.


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