Hibernate apps, Android 12 feature to save space


One of the concerns of users is the space on their smartphone. It is true that more and more manufacturers offer more options to add more gigs to the terminal, but with more resolution in the cameras and the space occupied by the applications, it is not surprising that the space decreases. But Google has an idea so that Android 12 helps you save space without removing applications.

Android 12’s new trick to save space

Applications, files, photos, videos, cache data … they all have one thing in common and that is that they take up space on your mobile’s storage. In the end, the constant storage of these can lead to the section of the hard disk being completely occupied. But according to XDA Developers in Mountain View they work to scratch extra gigs.

It turns out that the new feature of Android 12 is to save space by hibernating. In the same way that your computer does, the system detects those applications that are inactive and leaves them in something more than the background. That is, they are completely disabled, unable to generate more data and, therefore, there will be no need to worry about their activity.

What is not clear is if this action will be done directly by the operating system or if, on the contrary, it will have a manual activation. This is what we still do not know, but surely we will have to wait to learn more about this feature and how it works. Will we see it at the next developer fair?

The best option: Desisntalarlas

It seems that the Mountain Viewers have future plans for the new mobile operating system. Having a system that reduces the space of applications without uninstalling them is interesting, although up to a point. At the end of the day, the best thing is to remove them at once since this will really save space.


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