Heughan talks about the postponement of her 6th season


Starz’s series Outlander is taking longer than necessary to deliver the season 6 premiere to fans, who have been waiting months to see their favorite characters again and how Jamie and Claire’s story unfolds.

As you all know, the production of the sixth season of Outlander was halted in March due to the blockage generated by the coronavirus pandemic. So far, there is no hope that the crew and cast will return to the film set anytime soon.

In this sense, during an interview this Wednesday, November 4 through the United Kingdom television series, This Morning, Outlander actor Sam Heughan appeared to address the delay of season 6 of the historical drama.

Outlander fans are aware that the sixth season of the series chronicling the lives of Jamie and Claire will not air anytime soon. Actor Heughan confirmed it during the interview and this is what he said:

“We are late; we were supposed to start filming in May.”

“But we are preparing. We have had adaptations, we have scripts, we are arriving, but we do not have a production start date.”

“It’s such an epic show that it’s taking a while to arrive, but we’ll be back for season six.”

It should be noted that the coronavirus pandemic lockdown has played an important role in the impressive six-month delay to start production of Outlander season 6.

Based on comments delivered by Outlander singer Jamie Fraser, there is no hope that the crew and cast will return to the film set in the next few days or months. This, despite the fact that the actor stated that the adaptations and scripts are ready. In effect, the season 6 premiere of the historical drama will be held overdue.

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It is good to note, many American television programs have returned to the film set to continue their work under strict safety and prevention regulations against any risk of infection.


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