“He’s the sexiest person I’ve ever seen”-when “House of the Dragon” Actor Fabien Frankel Couldn’t Stop Praising Matt Smith.


The prequel “Game of Thrones” “House of the Dragon” became the most anticipated series of last year. The show beat the audience ratings and received rave reviews thanks to the intricate plot and narrative that are characteristic of every HBO show. The show introduced several stellar characters, but one in particular quickly became a fan favorite.


Matt Smith’s role as Damon Targaryen won hearts. The play of the Doctor Who actor, a dangerous and manipulative character, fascinated the audience. He was dangerously sexy as a rebellious prince riding a dragon. But only the audience was amazed by his charms. Fabien Frankel also found him tempting.

“House of the Dragon” star Fabien Frankel praised his co-star Matt Smith.

During an interview with the London Times, Fabien Frankel, who played Ser Kriston Cole in The House of the Dragon, spoke about the attractive nature of Damon.

“Matt is sexy as hell on this show, he’s the sexiest I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The two characters meet for the first time during the tournament in the first episode. They immediately have a stormy showdown, but there is a hidden tension in the scene. Apparently, both actors felt it. Smith was the first to acknowledge the tension when he remarked to Frankel that maybe Damon and Kriston were flirting.

Although Kriston resented Damon for taking Rhaenyra Targaryen away from him, he never revealed that he had a romantic relationship with any other woman. However, Damon’s sexuality remained a mystery. The show never directly hinted at his heterosexuality. In fact, deleted footage from the series led to even more confusion. In the scene, the Demon was kissing a servant.

Emily Carey and Millie Alcock, who played the younger Alicent and Rainira respectively, also admitted that they felt that there was more than just friendship between the two characters. There was an intimacy in their relationship that went beyond platonic.

Now that Ser Christina Cole has also acknowledged Damon’s sexuality, who are we to deny it? Did you also think Smith was sexy in it?


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