“He’s just crazy” — Comedian Steve Harvey Criticizes Kanye West For His Recent Remarks, Calling Him “Very Ungenial”


Kanye West, one of the most controversial figures of our time, has made a number of mistakes over the past few years. The rapper has shown erratic behavior in the past, but his rants have become even more frequent after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. After his anti-Semitic statements, several brands and companies rejected him, which cost him millions of dollars. American comedian Steve Harvey has become the latest addition to the list of celebrities who criticized the rapper.

In a recent interview with Gulf News, the 65-year-old didn’t hold back when he talked about celebrity culture and Ye’s “non-geniality.”

Steve Harvey criticized Kanye West for his controversial comments

Harvey was in the UAE to promote the country. He has a long-standing connection with the country. Debunking stereotypes about the Middle East, he drew attention to how celebrities can contribute to the development of the country’s tourism industry. However, celebrities like Ye definitely don’t make the list. He took the opportunity to express his dislike for the recent statements of his rapper Donda.

“Look, because you’re a celebrity, it doesn’t make you smart. Look at Kanye West. He’s just crazy. You keep saying you’re a genius, but you keep saying things that aren’t genius at all,” Harvey said. After the White Lives Matter incident, E stated that the Jewish people are extremely powerful and that they control most of the media.

This prompted brands such as Adidas, GAP and Balenciaga to sever relations with the manufacturer. His anti-Semitic views have cost him billions of dollars. It hit him hard, and he dropped out of the list of billionaires. He was also banned from using social networks until Elon Musk took over the reins.

As soon as his account was restored, he wrote that he was going on a verbal fast, but, as it turned out, he could not stick to his plan. He recently made another statement that Michael B. Jordan’s father was sacrificed.

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