Herman & Lily Share Soda in Rob Zombie’s new Movie Monsters Movie Image

Even Herman and Lily are drinking iced soda in a new shot from the movie “Munsters”. Details of the film’s plot are currently unknown, although it is expected to be a reboot of the 1960s sitcom of the same name. Created by Allan Burns and Chris Hayward, the Munsters revolve around a titled family of monsters who move from Transylvania to a quiet American suburb and adapt to ordinary American life.
Jeff Daniel Phillips leads the cast of the movie “The Munsters” as Herman, the patriarch of the family and the former Frankenstein monster, Sheri Moon Zombie as the vampire matriarch Lily, Daniel Roebuck as Grandfather Count, the elderly Dracula, Richard Break, Sylvester McCoy, Jorge Garcia, Catherine Shell and Elvira, actress Cassandra Peterson. The development of the new property in Munster dragged on for almost 60 years, including a TV reboot from Hannibal creator Brian Fuller, and a Rob Zombie movie was shown in early 2021. on the project.
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As viewers look forward to the film’s release later this year, Rob Zombie took to Instagram to share a new shot from the Munsters movie. In the photo, Lily from Cherie Moon and Herman from Jeff Daniel Phillips drink soda from a skull in a Gothic-style soda shop. Take a look at the colorful new image below:
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While the new image of the movie “Munsters” may not tell much about its history, it offers a deeper understanding of the visual style and tone that Rob Zombie brings to his adaptation of the cult sitcom. As teased in previous behind-the-scenes images from the film, the horror director departs from the black-and-white nature of the original Munsters series and adds a more colorful palette to the monstrous family and their creepy jokes. Although the transition to a color representation of the “Munsters” divided many fans about the loyalty of the sitcom, various images and the previous teaser indicate the preservation of the retro atmosphere of the original series.
In addition to a new take on the movie, Zombie also announced that a new trailer for The Munsters movie will be released this week. Although no release date has been set for the film, outside of the release window at the end of 2022, confirmation of the release of a new “Munsters” trailer this week potentially indicates that a release date will be announced, probably just in time for the Halloween season. In the meantime, viewers can review the original Munsters series, which is currently being broadcast on Peacock.