Here’s what Hailey Bieber Thinks about Justin and Selena’s Breakup


Hailey Bieber (25) commented on all the accusations and rumors. A quick marriage to Justin Bieber (28) has caused many questions. Because the couple got engaged just two months after Justin broke up with Selena Gomez (30). Therefore, Haley was accused of stealing Justin from the singer. Now she has refuted this rumor. Haley also shared her thoughts on Justin and Selena’s ending.

“It was a situation and I know it was right for her to close that door,” the model told Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast. “Obviously, they have a very long history, and it wasn’t my relationship. It had nothing to do with me. I respect that.” However, she is convinced that ending this chapter was the best thing that could have happened to Justin.

But she doesn’t want to speak for others. “All I know is what happened when we got back together and what had to happen for it to happen in a healthy way,” Haley said. She thinks it was the most adult decision Justin could have made. She also suggests that they became a couple again only because another chapter was completely closed.



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