Here’s our first look at the Xbox Series X dashboard


The new Xbox Series X will have its launch in November

Microsoft has revealed a look at the Xbox Series X dashboard, and it looks very familiar.

This new dashboard launches with Xbox Series X in November and also applies to Xbox One, as well as all Xbox mobile apps and Xbox Game Pass on PC.

In a blog post on Xbox Wire, Microsoft emphasized the increased speed of the new board.

Chris Novak, Xbox Head of Research and Design said: Xbox Series X will set a new speed standard when it launches in November, and we are taking the same approach to accelerating experiences on Xbox.

He added: Xbox Velocity architecture and Quick Resume technology make games launch faster, and we knew we wanted them to be discovered, talked about, and downloaded faster, too, even when you’re not on the console. Your phone, PC or console – all working together. Any time you have available to spend on games is valuable, and we wanted to make sure it was game time, not waiting. The home screen will load more than 50% faster when you start up your Xbox, and it’s almost 30% faster to load when you return from a game. Additionally, these enhancements use 40 percent less memory than was previously required.

New xbox mobile app

Elsewhere, the startup time for the Microsoft Store app has been reduced to about two seconds. A new Xbox mobile app is in the works. When you share an update or game clip from your console, it will also be automatically pushed to your Xbox mobile app, so you can share it on the social media of your choice, Microsoft said.

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If you’re thinking, this looks a lot like the existing Xbox One dashboard, then you’d be right. Microsoft stated: The overall layout of most console pages remains familiar, only faster and more focused.

He also mentioned: If some of these updates seem familiar to you, it’s because you helped us create them over the past year through our Xbox Insider program, or when you noticed them hidden in plain sight (like when the new illustration style made its way into the splash screen game bar, or a clear theme was tested in the Family Settings app preview). We will begin rolling them out in the coming weeks, and in November, we will celebrate a milestone in our user experience journey in conjunction with the launch of Xbox Series X.


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