Here’s how Apple could make AirTags


One of the gadgets that is most expected from Apple has not yet seen the light, and that was expected for this year. We are talking about AirTags, a device that helps you locate an object that you have lost. Little or very little is still known about the plans of the bitten apple regarding this artifact, but this patent may shed some light on what the AirTags will look like.

This could be the AirTags

The most clueless know that they can find their smartphone easily if they know the right tools. If the terminal is from Google or Apple it is the least, both companies have a system to find your mobile. But when you lose your backpack, purse, keys … that’s something else. Non-electronic items have that hadicap, but that’s what Apple’s AirTags were for.

They have not yet been presented to the public, but today some details of how Apple views AirTags have been revealed. Since Patently Apple they have echoed some patents of the device, which is shown in many ways to use. Some of them even have to do with its integration with other devices.

For starters, its shape aims to be smaller than previously thought, the size of a one euro coin or less if we look at everything that is shown. It is striking in this sense that they have a charging base in which two devices are housed, as if they were AirPods.

But the interesting thing comes now. The bitten apple has proposed several forms of use, among which you can see a keychain-like coupling where you can place the keys or anchor it to a zipper. Another option available is that it is placed on the strap of a watch. This system is interesting and uses what is seen on the keychain since the AirTag is placed in a compartment that is part of the strap and that keeps you abreast of where your object is, although this will be oriented to those watches that do not count with GPS.

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Posture detection

Another curious fact that this new patent for AirTags makes available to the world is that it is possible not only to know where a person is located, but also in what position they are. And this is interesting, since Apple could not only be working on a device to find your things, if not on a system with which to control virtual reality. Of course, the special watch strap could be an ‘excuse’ to bring your own VR controller to market.


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