Here’s how actor Sam Heughan was cast for the character Jamie Fraser


After landing the role of Highlander and Jacobite Jamie Fraser on Outlander, actor Sam Heughan came into the spotlight. The role is the best known to date, leading to appearances in Hollywood films such as Bloodshot and The Spy Who Dump Me and has been in the sights of many fans who took real interest in the Starz series.

Such is the case, that when actor Daniel Craig resigned, Sam Heughan was placed at the top of the list of actors considered for the James Bond job. But some fans may be curious as to how the actor came to play Jamie on the Starz series in the first place, let alone make a list for Bond to consider.

Since he joined the hugely famous Outlander show in 2014, Sam Heughan has built up a huge fan base. But the Balmaclellan-born actor was no stranger to fame before the start of the television series. His early career focused primarily on the theater, and he was even nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards for Most Promising Artists.

In 2013, Heughan was the first actor to be announced as a cast on Starz and Amazon’s Outlander series. He was cast as Jamie Fraser, which Outlander author Diana Gabaldon wholeheartedly approved of.

Outlander fans couldn’t imagine anyone else playing Jamie Fraser, as Sam Heughan was an instant hit. But as popular as he is now, there was a time when Heughan wasn’t the literary hero Diana Gabaldon envisioned, and she insisted that he not play Jamie on screen. Diana revealed in 2015 that Sam had to go through an audition process to get the role of Jamie, and he didn’t exactly impress her at first.

“He was the first person in the cast. They sent me the audition tape of him and said, ‘we think we’ve found Jamie.’ This is four days after they started looking and I was surprised because we thought it would take six months. ”

However, Diana came to believe that Sam was the right choice for the position and adds that the “grotesque” comment is now a joke between the two. She is delighted with Sam’s work on Outlander these days, and she has commented that she is “in awe” by his ability to truly inhabit the character.

Delighted fans flocked to social media to thank Sam Heughan for his hard work bringing Jamie Fraser to life. He truly captured everyone’s hearts, not only because of his appearance and external abilities, but also because of his dedication and attention to detail, and the fact that he has clearly read the books.