Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Billie Eilish, The Big T-shirt Trend on TikTok


Billie Eilish has already become a legendary singer with her hits in a row in the current decade. The twenty-first century recognizes her as one of the most iconic and popular singers among teenagers. But this 20-year-old singer really became an icon when a whole song was written for her. If you’ve come across the “big T-shirts” trend on TikTok, let’s tell you that it’s inspired by a reference to Billie Eilish from a song written for this star.

Surprisingly, this song did not just become a sensation, it even took 58th place in the US Billboard Hot 100 in September of this year. But who is the performer of this song? And what is the big T-shirt trend?

Billy Ailish is the star of this hip-hop track.

To begin with, this song was written and performed by Enoch Armani Tolbert, better known as Armani White. This song was released on May 23 of this year and has gained more than 25 million views to date. The most amazing thing about this song is its lyrics and how artfully it was written around Billie Eilish. I will quote the most famous phrase: “I’m stylish, Glock tucked in, big T-shirt, Billy Irish.”

According to Cosmopolitan, the artist is known for her unique style, which includes baggy, oversized clothes, street clothes with anime elements and hyped sneakers. And that’s what inspired Armani to dedicate an entire song to the “Bad Guy” singer.


And as soon as the song and its video were released, the Internet, especially TikTok, was inundated with hundreds of videos of people demonstrating the Big T-Shirt Trend. A complex new transition style emerged as a result of the lyrics.

However, this trend is more typical than just wearing Eilish’s elite streetwear. He demonstrates the appearance of a man in front of the bed in a baggy T-shirt and jeans. They unbutton their shirts and roll forward. The change takes place immediately after they land and unbutton their new outfit.


Well, this trend certainly seems funny and definitely makes Billy pompous all over the world. Let’s see if Billy inspires more singers with his unique outfits and maybe hair.


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