Here is the new Google Assistant feature! Shazam rival


With the new Google Assistant feature, Shazam seems to be no longer unrivaled. Although there are many similar applications in the market, it is not possible to get the same performance. Google Assistant will be able to find the song sung with the new Hum to Search feature. To do this, open the Google Assistant application and ask “what is this song?” enough to say.

Google Assistant will detect mumbling like Shazam

Google continues to add new capabilities to its Siri rival personal assistant every day. With a newly added update, Assistant can find not only a song playing around you, but also a song you are muttering for you.

This new Google Assistant feature, Hum to Search, has a very simple use. After opening the Google Assistant app, tap the microphone icon and click “search for a song” “what is this song?” You can ask one of his sentences.

With this sentence, you can hum the song or listen to a song playing around you. Google Assistant, which has been successful in humming in our experiments, can easily understand the humming and whistling, especially in known tracks. Of course, humming and whistling close to the microphone can work better.

With the hum and search feature, Google Assistant lists the three songs that are most similar to the songs you hum. Clicking on the found track can only be searched on Google.

Google Assistant announced that it made this feature using its capabilities such as machine learning. Thanks to this artificial intelligence, the melody you hum is digitized and compared with the numerical data of similar melodies. Google has done a special study for the humming and search feature. Accordingly, artificial intelligence was taught to perceive low-tone melodies through experiments such as humming and whistling over studio recordings.

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Currently, the application supports 20 languages ​​on the Android side, and on the iOS side, we are currently only supported in English. Google is expected to add other languages ​​to the iOS side in a short time and increase the number of languages ​​supported. How do you think this new Assistant feature is? We welcome your comments and experiences.


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