Here is the Hackers’ most tried passwords are


Here is the Hackers’ most tried passwords are. In a study by researchers at a security company called F-Secure, hackers’ most frequently tried passwords were revealed.

Today, it is very important to protect our own information, since every activity has become internet-based. Of course, one of the most important steps to protect our information is to create a strong and unpredictable password. Although we repeat the importance of strong passwords, people cannot leave some passwords.

Researchers at a security company called F-Secure have set up fake servers called ‘ honeypot ‘ to uncover some steps used in cyber attacks . These servers were installed and tested not only in one country but in many countries around the world.

Here is the hackers’ most tried passwords are:

F-Secure turned its servers into a target board, allowing hackers to attack. At this point, very important details emerged about why weak and familiar passwords should not be used. The company has revealed the passwords hackers use most when attacking .

Among these passwords, the ‘ 12345 ‘ password, which we can all guess , is also included, while the most commonly used password was the ‘ admin ‘ password, which is used to login to the panel of many devices . Other passwords included the ‘ vivx ‘ password used in DVRs produced by the Chinese company Dahua .

In addition to these passwords, ‘ 1001chin ‘ and ‘ taZz @ 23495859 ‘ passwords, which are standard passwords in some modems and other devices, were also included in the list.

It seems that the ‘ttnet’ password allows hackers to easily access the modem interface and can make your internet quite insecure.

The researchers shared a chart with the resulting passwords showing which country was most attacked. According to this graph, the country that attacks the servers the most is the USA, while China and Russia are the second . However, it was added that many hackers use proxies to hide themselves during the attack . So the list may be a little far from mirroring the truth.


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