Here is the compensation Apple will pay for iPhones!


The compensation to be paid by Apple for allegations of deliberately slowing down old model phones to maintain system order has been determined. According to the BBC’s report, the company will pay $ 113 million for the event called Batterygate. Some experts see this as a tactic the company has made to sell new phones.

Batterygate scandal costly for Apple

In 2016, in the scandal to be named Batterygate, it was determined that Apple systematically slowed down the iPhone 6, 7, and SE models, and millions of users were affected by the incident. The company, which avoided commenting before, stated that it made this move to preserve the battery life of old models. Apple then offered its affected customers a battery replacement for $ 29.

Batterygate skandalı Apple'a pahalıya patladı

However, the firm, which became unfair as a result of the lawsuits filed in 34 states, where Arizona is located, agreed to pay a compensation of $ 113 million. On the other hand, stating that it will now be more transparent, it has also agreed to provide “accurate information” about iPhone power management on the website, software update notes and iPhone settings for the next three years.

The company was sentenced to pay a large amount of $ 500 million in another investigation last March. The succession of all these developments seems to weaken Apple’s hand a little more in the tension faced by Epic Games and Fortnite.

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