Here is the chronology of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, from its origin to the surreal wedding.


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, despite the fact that she has faced various difficulties in her life so far, has always been showered with the love of the Duke, Prince Harry. The same was quite evident in the way he gave his wife everything he could. The most significant of all treasures is their wedding ring. The couple tied the knot at a glamorous dream wedding at their royal base in the United Kingdom.

Before life damaged the couple, they lived a rather aristocratic and royal life. Meghan Markle was considered no less than any royal member of the palace. We learned about this thanks to the precious and valuable engagement ring that the Duchess wears to this day. It is reported that he underwent various changes, each time adding even more depth to the hereditary sign of love. Here’s everything you need to know about Meghan Markle’s ring.

Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle the first ever sign of love

The ring was first created by the Duke, of course, for his bride, when they were not yet tied in marriage. It is reported that it was a stunner made of three stones with a pillow weighing three carats with a sparkling diamond in the center. The Prince himself received it from Botswana, which also has close ties with the Sussex.

This ring, which was the first ring given by Meghan Markle to Harry, obviously has its roots associated with Lady Diana, their late mother. The two stones surrounding the central diamond originally belonged to the extensive collection of Diana’s personal jewelry set.

The only reason he chose such a unique gift for his then-future wife was to pay homage to the former Princess of Wales. The fact that her essence and her values would stay with him forever was a clear message from him. It was also Meghan Markle’s favorite version of the ring, as it had a gold base with a gorgeous crown-like diamond on top.

Experts estimate the price to be about $95,000 to $155,000, which is obviously due to the greater value of the connection with Lady Diana.

Wedding Ring

On this fabulous occasion, the late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II presented the newly-made Duchess of Sussex with the family heritage of her ancestors. She presented the newly-wed bride with a rare gold ring with shiny gold plates as a base. Cleave & Co. made the ring in accordance with the family’s centuries-old tradition of using Welsh gold. The estimated cost of this ring is at least $ 350,000.

The type of this gold is considered one of the rarest. In fact, the only people who still carry this legacy on their fingers are only female members of the royal family.

Updated Wedding Ring

Unable to restrain himself, Prince Harry decided to add more charm to the already precious ring, which was his wedding ring. After their first pregnancy, the duke summoned an outstanding famous jeweler named Lorraine Schwartz to make some significant changes to the jewelry. He updated the original strip of plain gold, decorating it with small diamonds. The absence of the ring caused fans and viewers to speculate a lot about Megan’s fingers due to pregnancy.

However, everyone was surprised when the rejuvenated ring returned to its place — on Markle’s finger. Many of them thought that due to pregnancy he had to undergo some changes in size. Hardly anyone knew that it was only Prince Harry who gave his great love to his wife, and now to the mother of his children. In 2019, at the Trooping Color Parade, everyone saw a spectacular ring for the first time.

Archie’s Eternity Band for Meghan Markle

As the name suggests, this is one of the special rings that Markle values very much in his heart. After the couple’s first child Archie was born, Prince Harry made this beautiful gesture of love to his wife. Obviously, this marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives as parents. The brand new diamond stripe was actually another important sight at the Trooping Color Parade 2019 along with their updated engagement ring.

The last piece of jewelry was a great addition to the already glamorous set of the aforementioned rings. Inside are three precious stones: emerald, peridot and sapphire (ancestral stones of the Sussex and their son).

What do you think of the Duchess’s ring on her ring finger? Do you find them charming? share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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