Here is the annual report of Steam’s usage data


Steam, the world’s most popular digital game platform, surpassed two major platforms with its monthly active users. Steam surpassed both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network with its monthly active users.

Steam monthly users outpaced two platforms

Valve, which owns Steam, published the Steam usage data for 2020. In the usage report it publishes, it can be clearly seen how Steam differs from other platforms. With its 120 Million active users, Steam makes a big difference to both the 102 Million active users of PlayStation Network and the 90 Million active users of Xbox Live.

The data compared here is compared to the number of active users per month, not the number of concurrent users. With the number of concurrent users, Steam approached 25 million. Steam refreshed its own record with the number of concurrent users it approached. People’s closure to homes during the pandemic period and the fact that Steam’s big discounts coincided with these periods triggered the increase in the number of users.

Usage data of Steam in 2020:

  • 120 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 62.6 Million Daily Active Users
  • 24.8 Million, Highest Concurrent User
  • 2.6 Million New Customers Buying Monthly
  • 21.4 Million% Increase in Games Purchased According to 2019
  • 50.7% Increase in Game Time compared to 2019


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