Here are the mice that support NVIDIA Reflex technology


NVIDIA, which introduced the RTX 30 series graphics cards in September, also announced some software technologies. Among these technologies, NVIDIA Reflex software is also included, while Reflex technology is particularly effective in online competitive games. Mice supporting NVIDIA Reflex technology, which basically reduces inter-hardware latency, were also announced by the American video card manufacturer.

The NVIDIA Reflex compatible RTX 3060 graphics card was also introduced on January 12.

Mice supporting NVIDIA Reflex technology specified

NVIDIA Reflex software is a technology that reduces latency between hardware. Reflex accelerates data transfer between mouse, monitor and computer, causing a significant increase in performance in supported games. Thus, the players feel as if they are really shooting when the competition is fierce. To use Reflex technology, you need a compatible monitor, RTX 30 series graphics card and a compatible mouse.

In the evaluations made by NVIDIA, the money required to set up a system that supports Reflex technology can go up to $ 7,000 with equipment. The least costly hardware of the system is mice. According to the information given by NVIDIA, the mice that support Reflex technology are as follows:

  • Acer: GM310, Predator Cestus 330, Predator Cestus 350
  • Alienware: AW610M
  • Asus: ROG Chakram Core
  • Corsair: Dark Core RGB PRO & Pro SE
  • Logitech G: Pro X Superlight
  • MSI: GM 41
  • Razer: Deathadder V2
  • SteelSeries: Rival 3

Mice with NVIDIA Reflex support were not built specifically for this purpose. For this reason, more mice are expected to receive Reflex support with software updates in the coming months.

Since Reflex software is a new technology, it is normal to ask for expensive hardware. When we look at the history of G-Sync, although it was used by highly costly hardware when it was first released, it can now be used with much more suitable hardware.


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