Here are the Developments That Raise the QTUM Price


In the face of the decline seen in Bitcoin and some altcoins, an upward movement was seen in the price of Qtum (QTUM). So why did the QTUM price go up?

The Qtum (QTUM) price surged to over $ 7, gaining 19 percent in the 24-hour time frame. Here are the developments that raised the QTUM price.

Qtum (QTUM) developments

  • Fast Lane hard fork is coming: Qtum plans to reduce the block time from 128 seconds to 32 seconds with its new hard fork. He also wants to regulate the algorithm challenges and block rewards. In addition, they aim to pave the way for more efficient staking activities. “You don’t have to wait for ETH 2.0, with Fast Lane you’ll have a lot of what ETH 2.0 is aiming for,” said Patrick Dai, CEO of Qtum. said. The date for the Fast Lane mainnet is April 30th.
  • Testnet done: Qtum tested with the March 26 806,600 testnet block for the Fast Lane hard fork. In this trial before Fast Lane hard fork, which is planned to be implemented in April, it is said that block transactions can be performed easily and the block time is 32 seconds.
  • NFT statement: Qtum CEO explained that Qtum could be a potential marketplace for various digital assets such as NFT.
  • Roadmap: Qtum 2021 road map; It included plans such as core updates, various integrations with Ethereum tools, DeFi partnerships, community events, infrastructure works.
  • FTX news: FTX exchange opened perpetual futures for QTUM.
  • Update for the QTUM Electrum wallet: The 4.0.13 update for the Qtum wallet has arrived. Thus, it was said that features such as offline staking and hardware recovery can be done.

QTUM price

QTUM; it gained 591 percent on the annual chart, 70 percent on the monthly chart and 37 percent on the weekly chart. With a market value of $ 908 million, the token is ranked 92nd with its market value. Daily trading volume is 1.9 billion dollars.


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