Here are the “Best” of the Crypto Money Sector in 2020!


In 2020, when many things changed for the crypto money industry, there was only a week left to end. As the Binance crypto currency exchange approaches its end, it has prepared an important report about the year 2020, which will not be easily erased from the memory of the whole world. Binance announced the top of the cryptocurrency industry with this report.

Binance’s report “Crypto Trends 2020” has mirrored the cryptocurrency industry in many ways.

Highlights from Binance’s report on 2020 can be listed as follows:

  • The total value of the cryptocurrency market increased by 3.3 times in 2020, and the cryptocurrency industry achieved an incredible growth. The total value of the crypto money market has increased from $ 193 billion to $ 658 billion as of press hour.
  • The number of institutional investors on Binance alone increased by 46% compared to the end of 2019. Institutional investors are flocking to the cryptocurrency industry at a historical pace.
  • The total trading volume on Binance reached $ 3 trillion and set a historical record.
  • Interest in bitcoin soared with the price rally in the fourth quarter. As might be expected, Bitcoin has become the most watched and followed cryptocurrency on Binance. On both the spot and futures platform, the highest volume was in the trading pairs BTC / USDT and ETH / USDT.
  • Bitcoin price was on the agenda as it broke many all-time records in a row between November and December 2020. By doing this, Bitcoin has managed to attract many gold investors.

The cryptocurrency market was hit hard by the general decline from the coronavirus in March 2020. Despite this, the decline of the markets benefited the most for Bitcoin, and the leading cryptocurrency was the fastest and most rising asset among the leading assets.

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Bitcoin dominance continues unconditionally

As of December 22, Bitcoin took the biggest slice from the pie in the crypto money market with 66%, Ethereum ranked second with 11%, Tether with 3% and XRP with the same rate. As of press hour, the total market dominance of XRP has declined slightly. The total of other cryptocurrencies fills the remaining 18% gap.

Which regions’ interest in crypto money broke a record?

According to the Binance report, Asian markets continue to mark the cryptocurrency industry. Asia with the highest trade volume is followed by Europe.

The most traded cryptocurrencies on Binance

The most purchased and sold cryptocurrencies on the Binance crypto currency exchange, on the other hand, reveal which assets the industry is mostly interested in.

The spot trading list published by Binance is listed as follows:

  1. BTC / USDT
  2. ETH / USDT
  3. LINK / USDT

In the leveraged tokens launched by Binance, it is seen that LINKDOWN holds the first place:


Looking at the trade volume on USDT basis, the most purchased and sold cryptocurrencies on the spot platform are listed as follows:

  1. BTC / USDT
  2. ETH / USDT
  3. ETH / BTC
  4. XRP / USDT
  5. BTC / USDT

The list of the “most popular cryptocurrencies” in the research conducted by looking at the number of investors is listed as follows:

  1. BTC
  2. BNB
  3. ETH
  4. USDT
  5. TRX

As can be expected, BTC is at the top of the crypto currencies that investors have “HODLed for the longest time”:

  1. BTC
  2. BNB
  3. ETH
  4. TRX
  5. XRP

The year 2020 has been an incredible period not only for the cryptocurrency industry, but also for Binance. Binance, which broke commercial volume records one after another, made a name for our country with its special moves.


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