Here are expert comments on Chainlink (LINK) that saves 30 percent in a few hours


Chainlink (LINK), the market’s tenth largest cryptocurrency, has performed incredibly in recent months.

Chainlink, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies recently, continues to grow rapidly. The market value of LINK, which gained a good momentum especially after the Nexo news, exceeded 2 billion dollars.

Earned 30 Percent

Nexo, one of the biggest lending platforms in the industry, announced that it will use the technology of Chainlink recently. This announcement by Nexo must have made Chainlink investors laugh a lot. Because LINK started to appreciate rapidly after this news.

When we look at platforms like Coingecko, we can see that the instant price of Chainlink is over $ 7. This is a serious number because LINK was at $ 4.85 a week ago. Even more than $ 8 a few hours ago, LINK has made some investors gain 30 percent in a few hours with this performance. In the meantime, we can say that the price of LINK at the beginning of this year is $ 1.8, that investors have earned more than 300 percent since the beginning of the year.

Expert Reviews

This movement in Chainlink price made many LINK investors and supporters happy. Of course, analysts who have supported LINK for a long time are also very pleased with these recent developments. In a post he shared the other day, crypto commentator Kevin Svenson said that LINK will not settle for $ 7 and will progress up to $ 10 over time.

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Meanwhile, other crypto money commentators drew attention to LINK transactions on major exchanges. A commentator, known as Sergeys_son on social media, has stressed how many Coinbase users have received LINK recently.


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