Here are 8 Reasons to Wait for NCT 2020


As launch day approaches, here are 8 reasons to anticipate NCT 2020!

With separate NCT units flooding their dedicated fans, the NCTzens, with a multitude of spectacular comebacks and hilarious V Live broadcasts since early 2020, it is clear that there is something grand to work on for the group. With teasers (and rumors) in abundance, the hype surrounding NCT 2020 is no joke!

1. New members of the group

Arguably the best news about this comeback?

The group has two new members, who were officially introduced to the group’s V Live on September 23. Sungchan is part of the 2001 South Korea line and Shotaro is the second Japanese member of the group after Yuta and was born in 2000. Fans will be thrilled to see Sungchan and Shotaro demonstrate their skills.

2. They are all together again

There are a lot of members, 23 to be exact. The Chinese unit, WayV, is back in South Korea, which means that the 21 members of NCT plus the two new members will participate in the comeback “NCT 2020: RESONANCE“. So many people and so much talent.

3. It is a 2-part comeback

The group revealed in its broadcast on V Live that “NCT 2020: RESONANCE” will be released in two parts. “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt.1” will be released on October 12th, while “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt.2” will be released in November, on a date that has not yet been announced. Get ready NCTzens, two complete group comebacks on the way!

4. A new unit

The members were very mysterious as to what is to come in “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt.2” but we know that Sungchan and Shotaro will be part of the new NCT unit, which could be revealed together with the November release. A new unit, new members and a new concept? It will be a stuffed comeback!

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5. Production power

8 Razões para antecipar os NCT 2020

With all NCT members, the group has a wide range of talent and skills in its arsenal. Mark and Taeyong are known for producing and writing past tracks and WayV had a project produced by themselves last year where members wrote, produced, choreographed and performed their own content. With all the skills combined, NCTzens have amazing performances on the way.

6. Hilarious moments in the group

8 Razões para antecipar os NCT 2020

If you think the NCTs were chaotic before, wait until you see the 23 members together. Wednesday’s V Live gave fans a taste of the crazy content and great dynamics of the group to come and it can only get crazier from here.

7. Multilingual madness

Korean, English, Mandarin, German, Japanese, the list goes on. With members varying in nationality, from Canadian to Thai, there is a soup of languages ​​covered in the NCT. In addition, one of the tracks from “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt.1”, entitled “From Home” contains lyrics in Korean, Chinese and Japanese. With so many languages, there is something for everyone!

8. The return of NCT U

8 Razões para antecipar os NCT 2020

It’s been awhile since NCT U made an official comeback and fans have been waiting for one since the successful 2018 album (who can forget the iconic “Black on Black”?). The concept of the unit is always changing, with members coming and going and NCT U are finally back and better than ever with all 23 members. We hope NCT U are here to stay, presenting fans with all kinds of unit performances.


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