Here are 5 Hyundai I ONIQ color options that you can choose from


Hyundai Ioniq 5 is one of the most popular electric vehicles in its segment, but how many colors does it come in? Released last year, the Ioniq 5 is a compact electric crossover SUV that offers many great features, including Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities in medium and high trim options. The car also comes with OTA updates, as do most of its other competitors, such as the Volkswagen ID.4 and Tesla Model Y.

Although Ioniq 5 offers many technologies and features that should please owners, there is one notable omission. The car comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard for all trim levels and models, but they don’t offer wireless connectivity. Customers didn’t like this, as wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available even on cheaper cars, such as Hyundai’s own Elantra SE and the base model Kona.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 is available in six body color options in the US, including Atlas White, Cyber Grey, Digital Teal, Lucid Blue, Phantom Black and Shooting Star. Although most of the titles speak for themselves, Shooting Star has a matte gray color and is the only matte option on the list. However, not all options are available in all colors. For example, the basic Ioniq 5 SE is only available in five color options, and the “Shooting Star” option is not on the list. The SEL and Limited models are available in all six available variants, including Shooting Star.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 interior colors and materials

As for the interior colors and upholstery, Hyundai Ionic 5 is available in variants of black fabric, two-tone gray fabric, black leatherette, two-tone gray leatherette and dark green two-tone leatherette. However, again, not all trim levels have all the options. The basic Ioniq SE has no leatherette and is only available with a two-tone fabric in black and gray. Meanwhile, the mid-level SEL and the top-end Limited equipment are supplied exclusively with leatherette upholstery, without any fabric.

In Europe, the Ionic 5 is available in other body colors. A total of eight variants are available on the old continent, including Digital Teal Green, Gravity Gold Matte, Lucid Blue, Shooting Star Grey, Atlas White, Galactic Grey, Cyber Grey and Phantom Black. But, again, not all colors are available in all trim levels. As for the interior, Hyundai offers three color options, including black obsidian, dark gray/bluish gray and dark green/bluish gray. Unfortunately, while the basic package includes the first two options, the third option is only available with an additional color package for Hyundai Ioniq 5 buyers.