“Hercules” Remake Reunites “Aladdin” director Guy Ritchie with Disney


In this age of remakes and reboots (technically it’s every century), it almost seems like it’s only a matter of time before every nostalgic property somehow gets a new coat of paint. It looks like Disney’s “Hercules” is the last one crossed off the list.

“Hercules,” a 1997 animated film with a soundtrack that sounds a lot more complicated than it should, is the latest representative of the Disney classic pantheon to receive a remake, and it looks like the people behind it have already got down to business. The media colossus has re-announced the upcoming reinvention of his own riff on Greek mythology live on air after initially teasing a remake of Hercules in 2020. But instead of pouring in new blood, it seems that Disney prefers to bring back an old friend for this project.

Deadline reports that Guy Ritchie, whose similarly live-action version of Aladdin grossed a billion dollars in 2019, has returned with Disney to watch the new Hercules. At the moment, little is known about the project. But given the special visual style of the 1997 animated film and the constant presence of characters in the minds of Kingdom Hearts fans, it certainly has a reputation to match. Nevertheless, it is not difficult to imagine intriguing possibilities.

Another interesting point is connected with the production company of the film. The producer of “Hercules” will be AGBO, which some may recognize as the company founded by the team of directors of “Avengers: Finale” Joe and Anthony Russo. Although the duo is mostly known these days for their work on Marvel, they’ve also shared their experiences with shows like “Slow Development” and “Community,” which may alert some fans who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in the upcoming remake. Suddenly, the possibility of Hercules appearing in the MCU strangely makes more sense.

In 1997, Hercules charmed viewers with its strident family interpretation of stories from Greek mythology with an incredibly high R rating. With an artistic style that is still largely different from its counterparts, both classic and modern, the film also boasts a memorable gospel-inspired soundtrack by Alan Menken, who probably helped lift it far beyond what could have been a simple retelling of the story of Hercules. . Combine that with a regular presence in almost every Kingdom Hearts game, and baby, they’ll have one divine stew.

It’s unclear whether the real-time Hercules remake will draw inspiration from the 1997 film or go straight to the source material, as Disney did with 2020’s Mulan. But, anyway, fans all over the world will definitely have something to talk about in the near future.

Hercules currently has no scheduled release date.