Herald of a Game Pass like subscription for PlayStation!


Sony and Microsoft have offered their next generation game consoles for sale in many countries. The price-performance balance, which is the biggest advantage of consoles against gaming computers, deteriorates when it comes to game prices. With the Game Pass system offered by Microsoft to maintain this balance, we can access many games for a reasonable fee. Whether a Game Pass-like system will come for PlayStation was answered by Sony.

Game Pass-like service coming for PlayStation

Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan, spoke about the game prices in an interview. Due to the high cost of console games, it was expected by the players that the game play system would come with a subscription to the PlayStation as well as Xbox. Although Ryan did not address this subscription system in detail, he used the following statements: “Actually, we have announcements about this issue, but the time is not today.”

playstation için game pass

Players were delighted even when the Sony CEO left an open door on this issue. While the game prices of the consoles are burning mobile in our country, the players can naturally choose the Xbox for the Game Pass system. Among the games provided by the system, there are new games developed by Xbox Game Studios.

How do you think the creation of a Game Pass-like subscription system will affect console sales?

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