Henry Cavill’s Self-Imposed “Physical Punishment” Has Greatly Changed His “Mission Impossible” Character


When someone thinks of action movie stars, the first name that comes to mind is Tom Cruise. But of the younger generation of actors, Henry Cavill can be considered one of the best action stars who work in the industry today. His range of work includes mostly heavy roles, such as Superman in Man of Steel, Man of Uncle, The Witcher, not to mention Mission Impossible: Consequences.

In particular, Tom Cruise’s car proved that Cavill not only plays the Boy Scout characters well, but can also play the formidable villain August Walker. But going head—to-head with Cruz when it comes to stunts is something else entirely. Did the Briton manage to do it? Yes, big time.

Henry Cavill was determined to perform stunts to the detriment of his own health.

The Mission Impossible franchise is especially known for its deadly stunts that are performed in real life without computer graphics. Therefore, when Henry Cavill signed up for the sixth part, he knew exactly what he was getting into, and was ready for it. Although he has never been as extreme as Tom Cruise, who rides his bike off a cliff or climbs the Burj Khalifa, he has weathered the harsh weather and increased his mental stamina to take the perfect shot.

For the famous helicopter fight scene, the film crew had to shoot in the cold on top of a mountain. The situation was “extremely uncomfortable” and “it was a form of physical punishment.” However, the Superman actor remained in character. He suffered from tinnitus and could barely move his face. In 2021, director Christopher McQuarrie praised Henry Cavill for his commitment to the role.

“I know of no other actor who would do this — not only would do it, but would do it with full dedication and never complain,” McQuarrie said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The Tudor star turned out to be a charming traitor villain. He cleverly confused the audience and Cruz’s character about what his loyalty was. Henry stood up to Tom with his physique and the charisma of the main character. He also managed to become a meme thanks to his ability to grow a mustache.

Are you hoping to see another battle between Cruise and Cavill in a future sequel? Share it with us in the comments.


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