Henry Cavill’s horror movie “Wolverine” is perfect for the MCU

There are many ways Marvel can incorporate Wolverine into the MCU, but a Henry Cavill horror movie about Logan would be one of the most interesting. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is iconic, and trying to make another interpretation like this may lead to unnecessary comparisons. However, if Henry Cavill had been cast as Wolverine, he would have been perfect to show a new side to the most famous member of the X-Men.
The idea of a horror version of Wolverine, played by Henry Cavill, has been circulating on the Internet for some time, and the concept comes from Dall-E mini, an artificial intelligence art generator. At the prompt “Henry Cavill as Wolverine”, he creates an image of an actor in this role, but with a terribly distorted face. Despite the fact that this AI art of Henry Cavill in the image of Wolverine is creepy, he accidentally created one of the most unique images of Logan in the MCU.
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While the character won’t actually have a distorted face, the idea of a more terrifying Wolverine in the MCU is intriguing. One aspect of Wolverine that was overlooked from Fox’s X-Men films was the fury of Wolverine, which is a major comic book character. While Hugh Jackman’s version was easily irritated and belligerent, the Horror Wolverine could demonstrate the primal rage that is key to the character. A more villainous take on Wolverine would give the MCU a fresh version of the character while remaining true to his Berserk Rage.
Will Henry Cavill be able to play Wolverine in the MCU?
Hypothetically, Henry Cavill could play a fantastic Wolverine, especially a villain. Cavill has a story depicting superheroes, he played Superman is in the DCEU, so he’s no stranger to huge cinematic universes. On top of everything else, Cavill’s Superman in Man of Steel is a darker take on a character that could also be a Horror Wolverine. However, Cavill’s stoicism about Superman is not the only trait he could pass on to Wolverine. Cavill plays the antagonist in Mission: Impossible: Fallout, and this rudeness combined with Cavill’s physique can create a fantastic Wolverine.
Although the idea started with an image created by artificial intelligence, a darker Wolverine performed by Henry Cavill could work amazing. Cavill has the talent and fame to play the iconic X-Man, but violence and rage will add a never-before-seen aspect to the character and the MCU. Henry Cavill’s previous films have shown that he is capable of coping with this role, and the horror Wolverine in the MCU can be perfect.