Henry Cavill: Your nephew is in trouble at school!


Henry Cavill has enjoyed enormous success for several years. His nephew had some trouble at school because of him.

Henry Cavill rose to prominence playing Superman. The actor’s nephew had some trouble at school because of him.

Henry Cavill donned Superman’s cape in 2013 and has been very successful for several years. Fans were able to see him again recently in Justice League alongside Wonder Woman, The Flash or even Batman.

The fans were all happy to see the hero again and his return has marked the spirits. So everyone is wondering if he’ll be back for a future movie. In the meantime, the actor has other plans in mind and is preparing for Season 2 of The Witcher.

In addition to playing Superman, Henry Cavill starred in Enola Holmes and slipped into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes. Then, he also plays in the fantastic series The Witcher. The actor loves to put himself in Geralt’s shoes and everyone is looking forward to the next season.

However, the actor’s success can have a big impact on those around him. In fact, his nephew has been accused of telling lies at school.


Henry Cavill has a very large family and loves being able to spend time with his loved ones. Not long ago he was a guest on Kelly Ripa’s show and confided in his nephews. They live very well with the fact that he is Superman even if it causes a few small problems.

The 37-year-old actor shared a rather funny anecdote during the show. Indeed, one of his nephews seems to have had problems at school because of him … and Superman. Indeed, his teacher didn’t seem to believe him when he said that his uncle was Clark Kent.

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“My nephew Thomas, he went to school one day and they had to talk about their family. And he told all his comrades that his uncle was Superman. And of course the teacher told Thomas ‘school is not lying. We don’t do that, “” he said.

Later, the actor confesses that his nephew’s teacher got angry with him and the young man got into big trouble. So, Thomas’s mother was summoned and confirmed that Henry Cavill is Superman!


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