Henry Cavill Will Play in Another Bond-like Film, But NOT in The Sequel to “The Man from A.N.K.L.”


Having seen the second sexiest man in the world live in the role of the most beloved superhero, fans wanted to see him in other roles. Thus, Henry Cavill portrayed the character of the great Geralt of Rivia in the original Netflix series “The Witcher”. However, fans predicted the British actor the role of James Bond after his spy roles in various films. Unfortunately, their dream of seeing their favorite actor in the role of the iconic 007 agent has not yet come true. But what if you can see him in another spy movie sequel?

“Mission Impossible: Consequences” and “The Man from UNCLE” are two films in which Cavill was an action hero. Although the 39-year-old actor also dreams of playing James Bond, he still hasn’t had a chance. Despite auditioning for the role, it turned out to be unsuccessful for the actor. However, the actor did not lose hope and continued to engage in the genre. Having finally received the green light for the sequel “The Man from UNCLE”, Cavill will become part of another action franchise.

Henry Cavill is ready to play a Bond-like character.

Until the British actor plays the iconic James Bond character, fans will continue to enjoy this man in action. According to Giant Freakin Robot, the “Tudors” actor has signed a contract to participate in another spy thriller with Matthew Vaughn. Apple TV+ will soon release a high-budget spy thriller called “Argyle”. The film stars former Superman, as well as John Cena, Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard and others. Singer Dua Lipa will also make her debut in this film. However, Cavill signed another contract with director Vaughn.

This mysterious project seems to be a continuation of Argyle. Ellie Conway’s yet-to-be-published novel inspired the creation of the first action movie. And since the author of the novel has already begun work on the continuation of the novel, it is believed that Cavill signed the continuation of the film. Therefore, if the first film is successful, there will definitely be a sequel.

Interestingly, the first novel is picked up even before the book is published. This causes excitement and zeal in the hearts of fans of the film. However, the constant connection of the “Man of Steel” actor with the action genre can increase his chances of playing James Bond.

Until we get more information about the actor’s latest mysterious deal, tell us about your favorite Cavill character in the comment box below.


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