Henry Cavill vs Aaron Taylor-Johnson Sees Unlikely Victory Among British Fans As They Choose Their Next James Bond


After Daniel Craig’s departure from the James Bond franchise, many actors appeared, whom fans included in the shortlist for this role. Many actors have expressed their willingness to play the iconic role of James Bond in order to continue Craig’s legacy. However, Henry Cavill, less often Jean Page and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are some of the names often used by fans. In a survey conducted by the British to decide who can get a license to kill, none of these actors took first place. So who did the British choose?

The James Bond franchise is one of the most beloved franchises and has a global fan base. English fans, in particular, conducted a survey to decide who they want to see as their next James Bond. Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson were considered two favorable candidates, but an unlikely winner was chosen as a result of the poll. Cavill came in second with 11% of the vote. What surprised everyone was the votes that British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson received, according to the Express.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson went even further with 6% of the vote, followed by “Peaky Blinders” star Cillian Murphy with 5.2% of the vote. Then who is the first choice of UK citizens for their next James Bond? None other than Tom Hardy won 12% of the total number of votes. While 67% of the total number of voters believe that the next James Bond should belong to generation X (35-50 years old), 26% of voters believe that he should be a millennial (18-34).

Moreover, 51 percent of the total number of voters said they would prefer their next James Bond with a British accent, while 38 percent strongly wanted it. Although Tom Hardy beat the most beloved British actors, who else was in line?

Besides Henry Cavill, who else was in line to vote?

Despite the fact that the franchise is contributing to the search for the next 007 agents, fans can’t stay calm. They chose the 10 best actors who could play this role. In addition to the aforementioned actors, Richard Madden (8.9%), Spider-Man star Tom Holland (8.4%) and James Norton (8%) were in line.

Idris Elba was also on the list, receiving 7% approval, followed by Robert Pattinson with 6.6%. While Tom Hiddleston was on the list at 6.2%.

Do you also want Tom Hardy to take over the role? Share with us your thoughts on the next James Bond in the comments box below.


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