Henry Cavill Visits Warhammer World And Excites Fans Of The Franchise


Henry Cavill: The hobbies of the geek world shared by Henry Cavill always draw attention when the actor speaks about them. Last week, Superman wowed his fans even more when he visited Warhammer World, in the United Kingdom.

Cavill currently plays Geralt in The Witcher series on Netflix. The actor has spoken more than once about his other hobbies in the geek world, which includes building his own gaming PC and painting his Warhammer miniatures.

We don’t know, then, if the visit to Warhammer World was as a customer or as part of a larger publicity. It is worth remembering that the actor once commented on how he would like to play Geralt in a live action for The Witcher, and weeks later the series was revealed.

Recently, Cavill has already spoken of his desire to see a big-screen adaptation of Warhammer. Your visit to the store has been interpreted by some, then, as the start of marketing for this movie or series to actually happen.

Regardless of whether or not we have a film production of the Warhammer universe with Henry Cavill, the actor’s love for the hobby is already well known and publicized. One of the most acclaimed moments by the public was when he defended Warhammer from the acid comments of the host of the Graham Norton Show. In addition to talking well about the hobby without losing his cool, he still managed to get Tom Holland excited to want to participate.