Henry Cavill told how he wanted to meet this “incredibly cute” actor when they were alive


Over the years, there have been many actors in Hollywood who have made some very memorable and popular films. However, only a few have influence even beyond the screens. One of them is Henry Cavill. The list of iconic Hollywood characters will be incomplete without the “Man of Steel” star. Cavill has starred in several cult films and shows. Undoubtedly, many of his fans would go to great lengths to have a chance to meet the actor. While Cavill inspires a lot of people around the world, the actor recently revealed the name of the celebrity he looked up to as a child.

Cavill is one of the most famous actors in the industry today. Star Enola Holmes is a leading actor in Hollywood and has a very successful career. So who was the actor Cavill wanted to meet? Let’s find out.

Henry Cavill spoke about the actor, whom he regrets that he did not meet with him

As we all know, the long-awaited Netflix project “Enola Holmes 2” has recently been released on our screens. And the main actors Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill toured a lot to promote the sequel to their film. And recently, during a promotional event, Cavill revealed the name of the actor he would like to meet.

When asked to choose his dance partners from famous personalities, Cavill admitted that he deeply regrets that he did not meet his childhood idol, Robin Williams. In addition, describing his idol, the actor added: “Yes, Robin Williams. He’s the only person I’d like to meet. Incredible, selfless and beautiful.”

Williams was a cult actor, best known for his films “Dead Poets Society”, “Clever Will Hunting” and “Where Dreams Lead”. Elsewhere in the video, the “Very Strange Things” actress added how she would choose singer Amy Winehouse.

What does a Man of Steel do these days?

Cavill recently shocked the world by announcing that he would no longer play the role of Geralt of Rivia in the popular Netflix series The Witcher. Previously, Cavill even reprised his iconic Superman role in a cameo scene in Black Adam.

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